This hilarious video shows how dogs react when a human Barks at them.

Magician Jose Ahonen leads the experiment along with comedian Rudi Rok, who provides his pitch perfect imitation growl for the occasion.

Sat on a mat with a number of breeds, he lets out the husk noise from his throat and waits for their reply.

Even when barking it's hard not to find these animals adorable as they wonder what exactly is going on.

For some of them it's time to bite back and return the favour with an equally loud yelp such as Torsti who proves size doesn't matter.

The little pooch isn't afraid to get stuck in on a competition to find out who's the loudest.

But for Noah, a Great Dane, it only takes one bark to completely silence the room. Impersonator Rok even seems taken back by the mammoth's noise.


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  1. pilvikki says:

    rudi makes a pretty good canine... :)

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