Strap A Go-Pro Onto A Polar Bear And Get The Most Amazing Footage Ever

A stunning short video on GoPro’s YouTube channel offers a glimpse into the secret lives of a family of polar bears on a quest to find sea ice, but also serves as a sad reminder of their plight in a changing climate.

The footage was taken by filmmaker Adam Ravetch of Arctic Bear Productions, who is also co-founder of the Arctic Exploration Fund, an organization that’s dedicated to discovering and documenting how wild animals in the Arctic are responding to a changing climate.

Ravetch has also been working in collaboration with Anthony Pagano, a research biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey studying how polar bears are responding to a loss of sea ice. The agency also released footage showing life from a polar bear’s point of view earlier this month as part of the USGS Changing Arctic Ecosystems Initiative, which will help guide conservation efforts for polar bears in the future.

As researchers note, while their locations have been monitored in the field, there hasn’t been much behavior seen. With video collars that can survive the cold temperatures now being added to scientists’ toolkits, they can now observe more about life from a polar bear’s perspective.


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  1. Anonymous says:

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