Two baby rhinos filmed in Hluhluwe, South Africa.

These two baby White Rhinoceros, Kombi and Nyoni, were being taken care by a wildlife veterinarian and his family in Hluhluwe, South Africa after their mother's were killed by poacher's. They usually made these noises in anticipating their next feeding.

In 2013 aver 1000 rhinos were poached in South Africa. Rhino protection campaigns began in the 1970s, but rhino populations have continued to decline dramatically. Trade in rhinoceros parts is forbidden under the CITES agreements, but poaching is a severe threat to all rhinoceros species.

Daily Activity: White rhinoceroses feed and rest alternately during day and night. In hot, dry weather they routinely rest during the hottest part of the day. Much of their resting time is spent wallowing to keep cool and to get rid of skin parasites. They need water for drinking every 2-4 days. If there is no wallowing place available, they will roll in dry dust.

Sounds and calls: White rhinos can communicate vocally, using a wide range of sounds from calf squeaking to snarling or wailing of adults.


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