A man in Jackson being hailed a hero is speaking out after he broke a window to save a dog locked in a hot car.

Christa Lamendola has the story.

"I gave a it s good thud and the window just fell," said dog rescuer Alex Soper.

With temps in the 90s and a golden retriever puppy cooking in a car, Alex Soper says he didn't think twice when a shopper asked him to break the car window.

"It was in the heat of the moment. This lady was distressed. She tells me everything and i look in there. There's this helpless dog again and it had to be done. Somebody has to do it whether it was me or the next person that walked up behind me. Someone was going to end up doing it," explained Soper.

He says he and the woman looked for the owner and called the police, but after a half hour with the pup panting- they couldn't wait any longer.

"It was a hot hot day and it was hot inside the car and the windows weren't even cracked not that i condone that but not even a window cracked," said Soper. Jackson County animal shelter volunteer Joseph Lebeau says signs like panting can mean the dog is in danger.

"Heat exhaustion, dehydration- scardness cause they're left alone and it's hot. The heat. They can actually expire in a car just like a child," explained Lebeau.

 in Jackson leaving a dog in a hot car is illegal. But so is breaking someone's window. So unless a prosecutor says otherwise Soper could face charges. But to him that doesn't matter.

"Given the chance I'd do it again," said Soper.

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Responses to "Young man saves puppy locked in hot car by breaking window (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    He did the right thing for the dog, I would have done the same thing. The concerned guy even called the police and tried to find the owner. I think the guy who broke the window deserves a medal for possibly saving this poor dogs life. And the person who locked up the dog should have charges filed against him for anumal endangerment and cruelty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If the negligent owner gets away with this and the 'rescuer' ends up being charged it will just make a total mockery of the legal system, what are we supposed to do in these circumstances...stand and watch a child or animal die???

  3. AJ says:

    I would have not hesitated to do the same thing....Sacramento is hot and I have almost had to a few times. Ignorant owners act like the good Samaritan is in the wrong - what if this were their child? What about 2 dogs? What about 3 dogs? What about a cub or a small pony? A life is a life whether animal or human. Jail time would be a good thing for the owners and they shouldn't be allowed to have more pets...or any children for that matter. Negligence and causing suffering in heat is malicious and evil. Let's allow them to sit in the same car and feel what that is like with the windows up.

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