Cute Pictures of Sleeping Wolves

 They will sleep in the open, bunched together, separated, under a tree, on the edge of the water, in a cave, on some rocks, sometimes on a log (they rest their head on it and sleep) on each other. it all depends. their rank is also extremely important. the alpha pair will usually sleep together while the omega sleeps alone during the summer.

After feeding for a few hours on a fresh kill, wolves sprawl out or curl up in the snow and sleep. To eat a large meal with one’s family, and then to rest. To stretch out and just rest. When we observe wolves during the winter, about 30% of the time they are just sleeping or resting near a recent kill. Wolves have plenty of reason to rest.

When wolves are active, they are really active. On a daily basis, wolves burn about 70% more calories compared to typical animals of similar size.

While spending all this energy, wolves may eat only once every five to ten days. During the time between kills a wolf may lose as much as 8-10% of its body weight. However, a wolf can regain all of this lost weight in just two days of ad libitum eating and resting.

When food is plentiful, wolves spend a substantial amount of time simply resting, because they can. When food is scarce, wolves spend much time resting because they need to.

Wolves work tremendously hard, but they also take resting very seriously.


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    Sleeping wolves are beautiful. All creatures great and small, The Lord God made them all.

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    man.. I love wolves.

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    Beautiful pictures they all look so peaceful

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    Awesome !!

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    @Bennyhill68able .

    They weren't made by "The Lord God." It took millions of years of evolution.

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