Paralyzed Cat Deeply Loved by Dachshund. Both Found Abandoned.

In Lake Mary, Florida a dachshund and a paralyzed tuxedo cat were found abandoned in front of a gated community. Seminole County Animal Services was called to pick up the pair, but the little dachshund was so protective of his feline friend that it took some time to capture the two and take them to the local shelter.

At first, the pair was separated – the dachshund went to the dog kennel and the cat was in medical care. The dog now, named Idgie, was frantic and someone fortunately understood that these two animals were deeply bonded. They brought the cat, now named Ruth, back to her canine buddy. That calmed Idgie right down.

The cause of Ruth’s back leg and partial front leg paralysis was unknown, so the non-profit group, TEARS, Every Animal Receives Support, stepped up and offered to pay for experimental therapy and acupuncture for Ruth. Unfortunately, Ruth’s condition did not improve, so the shelter sought to adopt out the cat-dog pair together to a special owner who could manage Ruth’s disability with the care and love it needed.

Jacqueline Borum, the owner of Hollywood Houndz Boutique and Spa, offered to adopt the pair and gave them a home in her shop. Now Ruth and Idgie get plenty of attention and treats. Plus, Ruth gets daily baths and Idgie gets daily walks from both Jacqueline and her customers. When not getting celebrity treatment, the two furry friends can be found cuddled up together — usually with Idgie curled up protectively around Ruth.


Responses to "Abandoned dog bonds with paralyzed Cat (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can't someone make

  2. kathy says:

    how wonderful, I hope these two are able to remain together for the rest of their days, they obviously belong together...

  3. dynah says:

    super cool!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Friends through thick and thin! It would be so nice if something could be constructed to enable the cat to have more mobility! It breaks my heart to see her struggle like that!

  5. pilvikki says:

    maybe a tiny skateboard for ruth as her front legs have some power?

    what a lovely pair. <3

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here's a super THANK YOU to Jaqueline for adopting this cat & dog!! She in my mind is a REAL HERO for animals!!

  7. Faithfulness. :-)

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