Watch Heroes Rescue a Stranded Baby Dolphin on a Florida Beach

Fourth of July revelers enjoying some beach time in Florida at the weekend were shocked to see some flippers splashing around the shallow surf.

Upon closer inspection it was clear a young dolphin had gotten itself caught in the tide too close to sure and was unable to swim back out through the waves.

One of the beachgoers called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

The incident occurred on Friday at Redington Beach, according to USA Today.

Video from the scene, captured by photographer Kati McCabe, showed some people try to help the four-foot dolphin back into deeper water.

However the youngster kept getting caught the current and pushed backed to shore.

FWC officers arrived and waded into the water to help the dolphin.

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    So what was this video about? what happened? was this posted just for the sake of posting some thing?

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