A new video shows a baby raccoon being rescued from peril after getting a plastic jar stuck on its head.

Wildlife patrolers Brad and Katy Lundsteen from Illinois Chicago, filmed the poor critter blindly scampering around a park in Missouri, with its snout jammed in the container.

Mr Lundsteen is then seen bending down to free the animal, which wriggles around in a state of distress after the grueling ordeal. It also lets out a string of high-pitched shrieks. The animal was later transported in a cage to a local vet for examination.

With a clean bill of health, the raccoon was released back into the wild. Mrs Lundsteen says that every year millions of animals die due to waste-related incidents. Many suffocate or starve to death after getting themselves tangled in trash. The Lundsteens who run Suburban Wildlife Control - a company that specializes in humane pest control - regularly make YouTube videos for educational purposes.

 Mrs Lundsteen said the raccoon rescue clip was 'really short' because when they arrived on the scene they didn't want to leave the animal with a jar on its head for very long. The animal-lover concluded: 'Before we took the jar off the poor raccoon's head he was crying and whining and whimpering but he changed his tune pretty quick as soon as we removed it.'


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