A fishing net got put out to be repaired and the eagles came. They pick all the fish out of the net.

Bald eagles belong to the family of sea and fish eagles. Bald eagles chiefly feed on fish but will also feed on what is available such as small ducks, coots, rabbits, snakes etc and at times will even feed on carrion (dead animals).

An important source of food for the bald eagle is dead or dying fish. A stronghold of bald eagles is the northwestern coast of America, as these parts are abundant in salmon.

A bald eagle does not need to feed everyday, but it also cannot remain hungry for long periods as this will diminish its strength and the bald eagle will not be able to hunt efficiently in order to stay alive.

Bald eagles eat both fresh water and salt water fish. Bald eagles can lift up to half their body weight, around 4 to 5 pounds. When they see a fish swimming in the water or at the top, they swoop down and grab the fish in their talons. They then fly off with the fish depending on its weight. If the fish is too heavy for them to carry, then they can also drag it along and swim to shore using their magnificent wings as paddles.


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