Coco loves chasing after critters (even imaginary ones) in his yard and covers every corner…even the tree! 

His human, Nick, wrote, "So my dog Coco decided it was a cat today and ran up a tree to chase an imaginary squirrel…"

This dog prefers to climb trees and chasing invisible squirrels rather than go for a walk, according to its owner.

The idea of a tree-climbing dog might seem odd, but such dogs aren't that uncommon. Some breeds are more known for their climbing skills than others, but it often comes down to the dog's personality — and what else is up that tree.

We’re all familiar with the concept of firemen coming to the rescue of the neighborhood cat who’s gotten stuck in a tree, but have you ever seen a dog climb a tree?

Cats have curved claws that allow them to easily climb up, but on the way down, they become scared and confused once they no longer have that gripping ability.


Responses to "Dog Climbs Trees and Chasing Imaginary Squirrels (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is pretty obvious that this dog was egged on to do this. He probably did it once and now they think it is funny. Try walking and running your dog everyday to get the energy worn off and stop enticing it to do non dog things. It will get him seriously hurt or killed when that little branch breaks. Yes it is cute, but please stop.

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