What Happens When Fairytales Come To Life? These Magical Photography Of Margarita Kareva Will Show You! So Remarkable!

Margarita Kareva is a Russia-based photographer who specializes in fantasy art photography. Her photographs beautifully portray women that have been transformed into fairytale princesses and witches.

She adds surreal elements to her shots that make the photographs really stand out, combining Photoshop manipulation with real props. In an interview with Rosphoto, she explained that she finds inspiration for all her photoshoots in fantasy books.

Kareva’s work is constantly evolving and growing because she took up photography just three years ago. Her portfolio is already full of vibrant, magical and creative images.

Kareva’s story proves that it is never too late to take up a new hobby – you just need to “learn every day, all your life”.

In an interview with Rosphoto she states that she finds inspiration for all her photo shoots in fantasy books. Kareva proves that it’s never too late to take up a new hobby, you just need to “learn every day, all your life.”

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    Beautiful anyway

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    beautiful photos from the person poising to the back drops. really really fine

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    Just beautiful. She very talented. Love all these photos.

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    you are gifted thank you for sharing

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    great photos! beautiful huskies!

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    beautiful photos. love the wolves and the woman in the photos is very beautiful.

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    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am Redwolfhyde....These pictures take my breath away....

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    I believe they are Huskies. They look just like my guy.

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    Love it

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    What a beautiful pictures. The photographer has captured the mystique and beauty of huskies, nature and human.

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