Animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson plays football with three adult lions

 Forget the 32 teams heading to the World Cup, Kevin Richardson has faced the toughest opponent of the year... a group of wild lions!

Known as the 'animal whisperer' Richardson has been accepted into several clans of lions and hyenas in South Africa.

And having extraordinarily cuddled up to the animals in the past, here he goes up against them in the bravest match-up of all time.

Wearing a full suit - and football boots - Richardson dribbles past the lions and even attempts to win the ball back, once they have it in their grasp.

Unsurprisingly, a couple of the balls are captured but the animal behaviourist still manages to toy with his fierce opponents on a number of occasions.

We dread to think how some professional 'tricksters' would cope in such a situation...


Responses to "‘Lion Whisperer’ Kevin Richardson plays football With Wild Lions (VIDEO)"

  1. Chris says:

    This was wonderful to watch. I love watching him work with the lions. He's pretty fast for a human. Guess he's had plenty of practice. Thanks for this. Watched it more than once.

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