An image of a pit bull standing guard over his female companion has gone viral and touched the hearts of hundreds.

 Michael Mason was driving on Sylvan Road near Deckner Road in Atlanta when he saw the injured pit bull. Mason snapped a picture of “Herman” the pit bull standing over his female companion until help arrived.

Herman’s companion was seriously injured when she was hit by a car and did not survive the incident. Walking Dead actress Kylie Szymanski posted it on her Facebook fan page and it’s received more than one thousand shares.

 Fulton County animal services have received hundreds of calls, but no one has adopted Herman. Mason tells FOX 5 he’s glad his picture will possibly help find Herman a home.

For more information on adopting Herman, click here.

FOX 32 News Chicago

Responses to "Loyal dog stands guard over companion (VIDEO)"

  1. in dog we totally, irrevocably, foreverly, trust♥

  2. hope this dogs finds his forever home...if i wasent living in another country i would love to adopt him,,,i so love dogs they are better than humans any day..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me that Herman will be altered before leaving the shelter.

  4. Gary harley says:

    how touching they are truly amazing creatures i agree with browneize last sentence completley.

  5. Tanja says:

    So sorry for his loss. :'/ May she rest in peace and hopefully he will be able to overcome this with loving people.

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