A beautiful moment was captured on video when a mother deer shows her concern for her baby and tries to help it find a way past the fence.

This adorable little fawn was out for a stroll with his mother when, seemingly out of nowhere, he came face to face with one of the biggest challenges of his young life -- this fence.

Although mom had no problem leaping over the obstacle (while seeming a bit confused that her baby couldn't do the same), the fawn had to devise an alternate route.

Mother deer loves the baby so much that she waits patiently and finally they find a way to go through. Can’t be more adorable! (Source)

I’ve found a deer fawn (baby deer), what should I do?

Under most circumstances, the best thing a person can do is to immediately leave the area to avoid creating any additional disturbance near the fawn. On rare occasions, a fawn may approach people or pets. If this occurs, the fawn should be gently coaxed to lay down by pressing on its shoulders as the doe would do to keep the fawn still. The fawn should stay put, providing an opportunity for people and pets to leave the area.


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