Adorable Baby Fox Nursed Back to Health (Video)

Cute alert. This baby fox was severely dehydrated when a vet happened across it, and nursed it back to health. It was taken to Blue Ridge Wildlife Center for a final goodbye.

Discovering a baby fox crying for help, Beau and his wife helped the orphaned and injured creature by taking it home to care for it. After a few days being nursed back to health by Beau's wife, who is a veterinarian, they released it to a wildlife center. Every sad story deserves a happy ending!

Before rescuing a wild animal, assess the situation and put your safety and the safely of others first. Call the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center at 540-837-9000 for advice.

Hawks, owls, and eagles can injure with their talons and beaks. Please call for advice on how to rescue these species. If you feel you can rescue the animal safely, try to put the animal in a cardboard box, or other sturdy container, keep it covered, and place it in a warm, dark, quiet place away from people and pets.

 Keep noise levels low, and do not handle or watch or disturb the animal because wild animals are frightened and stressed by this. Please do not offer the animal anything to eat or drink until you have spoken to the BRWC hotline staff at 540-837-9000.


Responses to "Orphaned Baby Fox Gets a Second Chance (VIDEO)"

  1. Oh gosh, those guys are amazing. What a great job.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How fortunate you both saw her and that the wife is a vet!!! Beautiful, kind-hearted little red fox cub we all fell in love with along with you two. Can you go back to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center to see if he is sill there and get videos of her?? I watch these videos almost every day, especially when I need to see this sweet animal being taken care of by two wonderful people. Her "yap, yap, yap, yap, yap" sounds are SO CUTE! God bless you for rescuing her and taking care of her and loving her and playing with her and then taking her to the wildlife center. These videos bring a smile to me and a warm feeling in my heart every time I watch it. God bless, Linda in Michigan

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