Cute Piglet Is Best Friends With Pit Bull Terrier Rescue Dog

At the PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia, an unusual friendship has blossomed. Pigalina the piglet and Levi the dog may not be the same size - or species! - but they love hanging out together.

After Pigalina was rejected by her litter, she began living with the other animals at the sanctuary -- one of whom is Levi, the Pit Bull Terrier rescue. Pigalina has become fascinated by the big dog, and even though Levi likes to play it cool, it's pretty obvious that these two friends complement one another nicely.

Here's hoping that Pigalina continues to make many new friends at the sanctuary!

The Sanctuary is a place of refuge to abused, abandoned, neglected or unwanted animals. The Sanctuary specializes in the care of pot-bellied and domestic pigs, but shelters other farm and domestic animals as well.


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