Ransom was just 5-weeks-old when he was abandoned by breeders in Houston, Texas, who knew they could not sell the blue nose American Pit Bull Terrier because of a severe hind-limb deformity.

A person found him in a trash can, rescued him, and posted a classified ad. Friends of Emma/Emma Cleft Palette Chihuahua Rescue came to his aid and paid the person an "asking fee" to release the puppy to them. (Hence his name, Ransom.)

Unfortunately, after several treatments and a double surgery, doctors determined they could not fix Ransom’s legs. The abnormalities in the tendons and muscles of his legs were irreparable and because he was growing quickly, his legs would cause him constant pain.

The rescue had a choice - euthanasia or amputation. The difficult decision was made to remove his legs at the hips, where the problems originated. There was no other option if Ransom was to have any chance of a normal life.

Photo credit: Friends of Emma 

Since that fateful day, Ransom is growing quickly and behaving much like any puppy would. Ransom will be getting a cart in the future when he has grown enough to be able to get one that’s the perfect fit for him. But for now, the puppy is happy playing with his friends!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How can people be so cruel. I think they should have their breading license taken away and have the remaining animals removed. They don't deserve pets.

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