Rescued Bear Cub Now Enjoys Splashing in the Sun

Meet Georges! Georges is an Asian black bear, or moon bear, and was rescued from a bear bile farm by Animals Asia in Vietnam.

Georges is quite taken with his new life at the sanctuary, especially the ice cold baths in the summer -- turns out moon bears love to have splashy pool parties!

The government-registered charity Animals Asia freed Georges, an Asian black bear, or moon bear, from a local bear bile farm where the animal was mistreated and neglected. But now, Georges spends his summer days carefree and cooling off in the searing Vietnam heat with a nice ice cold bath.

According to the organization's website, about 10,000 bears - mainly moon bears, but also sun bears and brown bears - are kept on bile farms in China, and around 2,400 in Vietnam. The bears are regularly milked for their bile, which is an important ingredient in local traditional medicines.


Responses to "Rescued Bear Has His Own Summer Pool Party (VIDEO)"

  1. Unknown says:

    Lol so cute, just like a child in the pool!

  2. Gillian from UK says:

    Love it :). Such a beauty !

  3. bmfilip says:

    Looks like he sure is loving it !! Such a beautiful bear. I hope he lives a long & happy life.

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