Funtastic Mr Fox! Young cub has the time of its life sliding down quarry conveyor belt

A disused gravel quarry became a playground for a young fun loving fox and his family

THIS fox has certainly found the perfect way to have a belting time in a disused gravel quarry... He’s using an old conveyor belt as a slide – and keeps going back for another go.

Thought to be about four months old, the cub even appears to grin with delight as he speeds downwards. His picture was taken in Bursfelde, Germany, by British snapper Duncan Usher, who was presumably on a photo-chute.

A disused gravel quarry became a playground for a young fun-loving fox and his family.

This photograph, taken by British man Duncan Usher, shows how the clever four-month-old creature turned an old conveyor belt into a make-shift slide, before travelling down it twice. Mr Usher photographed the amusing sight close to Bursfelde, a hamlet in the German countryside.

* * Cute fox cubs playing on slide! * *

Fox trying to climb slide

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