These two best friends run and roll around to their hearts’ content.

Billie arrived at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue in Surrey, Britain from a cattle farmer who had found Billie laying by the body of her mum next to a busy road.

Billie had a deep wound and an infections, it was so deep it took along time to heal and a lot of attention. Because the wound was very delicate rescuers had to isolate Billie from the other cubs , at play times they would remove the dressing.

Rescuers decided to let Billie play with the entirely more gentle fox cubs. One fox cub in particular took a shine to Billie and both played well.

The fox cub was called Pixie and it was the beginning of what was to be a relationship that would extend into the wild.

Billie still remains friends with Pixie even though both are free. They are back where they belong and have a second chance. (Source)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful!!! A lesson for mankind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    very beautiful story, I couldn't get sound though

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