What Does the Fox Say?

Owing to its beautiful coat and bushy tail, which can be fiery red, steely gray or snow-white, the fox has held a special place in our hearts since time immemorial as a beautiful and mysterious woodland creature. These 15 pictures will make you fall in love with the fox all over again.

The common red woodland fox that most of us know certainly is beautiful, but this cunning creature has managed to adapt to diverse climates throughout the world – the fennec fox of the Sahara desert and kit fox in the southwest U.S. both sport larger ears that help them stay cool in the desert, while the arctic fox has a thick and snow-white insulated coat and small ears that help it retain its body heat.

The fox is a member of the canidae family, which also includes dogs, wolves and other similar animals. After 50 years of breeding experimentation in the Soviet Union, they’ve also provided us with extraordinary insight into the domestication process.


 Over several generations of selective breeding (by choosing foxes with less fear of humans), Soviet scientist Dmitry Belyaev was able to breed silver foxes that began to exhibit domestic traits like floppy ears, tail wagging and spotted coats.

No matter how each fox looks, however, their wide range ensures that they have become elements of local folklore around the world. Various cultures throughout Europe, Asia and Africa consider the fox to be a cunning and sly creature that often plays the part of the trickster in folktales and myths.

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    <3 beautiful <3

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    I like the one where he's licking the glass. And the one on top. And the one who's hiding behind his brother from the camera. And, oh, all of them

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    OMG! THEY ARE SO CUUTEEE!!! I want to hug all of them.....I love the one where the fox licks the glass, and the one where the fox pulls on his mother's tail. Oh, and the one where the baby fox sleeps, and the oh so cute one where the fox is walking through a desert. And.....well, I love all of them. :) <3 Cute <3

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    Personal FAVE is the one 'hiding' behind the other by the barn BUT love them ALL! Kudos to the photogs!!

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    totally awesome photography of the foxes.

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    I was already in love with them!

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    Already in love. We feed ours, who visit near to the front garden, every night

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    Yes, I have fallen love!

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    Beautiful pictures.Thank you for sharing.

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    I just want to play with them all. These are beautiful photos.

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    awesome,beautiful playful and cute!!!!!!!!!

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    Beautiful creatures & as cubs they're so adorable! Thankyou for sharing these awesome photos :)

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    They are all beautiful !! Thank you for sharing them.

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    I luv them all, specially the one where the little brother is hiding behind the other baby fox.

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    Simply Gorgeous!

  19. Love nature.wish we could go back in time,and proteck it.

  20. Love nature.wish we could go back in time,and proteck it.

  21. Stunning, prophetic work!

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    thank you :)

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    I love the one where s/he has her eyes closed and nose in the daffodil, just being in the moment of pure pleasure. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

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    They sure are gorgeous, but they are seen as pests in Australia. They eat native wildlife :(

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    Sooooo beautiful animal. I love foxes

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    mmmmm I LOVE foxes! They are so beautiful and cute and adorable and I love them! <3

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