Two wildlife orphans that have been hand-reared at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset, England.

Only at Somerset, England's Secret World Wildlife Rescue could the unlikely friendship of a baby otter and baby badgers develop.

The rescue center took in the orphaned otter around the same time it received an orphaned litter of badgers. The otter and badgers were hand-raised together until they were old enough to start training for their return to the wild. (At that time, the group notes, they were separated "so that the badgers could learn how to do badger things, and the otter could learn how to do otter things!")

Secret World opened its doors in 1984 and typically cares for about 4,000 needy animals every year. It's one of a tiny number of wildlife rescue facilities that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

After the jump, another video of the otter playing with its adoptive badger family.(Source)

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