Two fox cubs snag each other's tails as they fight to play on a children's slide 

 A slide can be a great source of entertainment for children - and for animals too! A comical new video shows two wild fox cubs sneaking into a garden in London and giving the piece of playground equipment a go.

However, unable to climb the stairs, they resort to scampering up the chute and sliding back down, backwards on their bellies. Over and over again the two animals slip and slide up and down. With the slide only wide enough for one fox at a time, the cubs soon start battling it out over whose turn it is.

As one dashes up the plastic ramp, the other pulls it back down by the tail. Eventually they decide they've had enough of sliding for one day and wander off to discover more fun and games.

To date the video of the foxes playing on a slide has been watched more than 160,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube. Many viewers have deemed the animals 'cute' and 'adorable'.


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  2. Muy hermoso, me encanta ver a los jovenes jugar

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