Husky Puppy In Sleepy Trance From Blissful Belly Rub

This is so cute, you cannot resist rubbing that little tummy!

Sometimes on a lazy day, all you need is some relaxation and belly rubs.

That's certainly the case for this little husky pup, who can't help but wiggle her leg with happiness every time she gets her tummy scratched. She's so relaxed, she's practically falling asleep!

Siberian huskies are generally very docile and tend to love everyone, so it's no wonder that this puppy loves affection so much. Dogs tend to shake their legs as an involuntary response to being scratched on their belly or flanks.

And remember, keep your dogs cool and hydrated in the summer heat!

Responses to "Daily Cute: Husky Puppy Gets Belly Rub (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is not a tummy rub, it is a side scratch. That is why his back leg is moving. How cute is that. Just want to squeeze that baby.

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