Nature photographer Sandy Sisti recently captured some remarkable video at Yellowstone National Park.

Here's her account of the encounter:

"When I arrived in Yellowstone this morning, I noticed an area was coned off. There were a few vehicles pulled over and I saw some people out of their cars gazing into the distance. Of course, that piqued my interest, so I pulled over and took out my binoculars and saw a bison carcass covered with 6 grizzlies. Not only did I see grizzlies, but I saw something white eating alongside them....the Canyon alpha female. I didn't think she would dare approach a carcass with all those bears around, but there she was.

In the video, you can see the Canyon alpha female on the far right, eating right alongside a big old grizzly bear. On the far left, you can see her mate, Canyon alpha male, 712M, hanging back and to his right is the black Canyon yearling. I think I also saw the grey Canyon yearling, but I will have to look through my images to be certain.

It was amazing to see all these animals gathered together in one area, so even though this video is not the greatest quality, I wanted to share it with you. Wouldn't you know that today was the day that I forgot to pack my tripods after having my car serviced, so this was the best I could do with a 600mm lens on a bean bag."

To see more of Sandy's wildlife images, visit her website


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