Woman in plucking video tells CBC she was preparing bird for traditional Inuk dinner

Christina David was so excited when she procured a ptarmigan—a delicacy from her homelands up north—that she couldn’t wait to start preparing it. Without thinking twice, the Inuit woman leaned over and started plucking it.

Trouble was, she was on a Montreal subway, and the culture clash was immediate. Fellow riders moved away, some gagging, from the looks of a video that a passenger shot—from the far end of the car.

Said video went viral on YouTube, given that its original headline, “Une femme déplume et mange un oiseau mort dans le métro de Montréal,” somehow got turned into “Woman Plucks, Eats Raw Bird on Montreal Subway” by the likes of the Toronto Sun. National and then worldwide media followed suit. Montreal transit police investigated.

“I didn’t really care who was watching or where I was, actually,” David told Vice. “I saw my aunt that day, and my aunt gave me some of my country food—ptarmigan—and I was so excited I just wanted to prepare it before I got home. So I was preparing it inside a plastic bag. And I wasn’t eating it!”

Responses to "Inuit Woman Plucks Bird on Montreal Subway, Onlookers Cry Fowl (VIDEO)"

  1. kathleen beech says:

    Its absurd of people to act that way its so phoney to pretend your meat just appears in the grocery store or that discusting chicken mcnugget isnt gross but this is

  2. Anonymous says:

    well, it IS gross. I`m vegetarian. I know very well where the meat comes from. Subway is a public place so some activities are just very improper there. I don`t want see such scenes. The fact that she was Innuit doesn`t make it any less gross. Do you suggest that Innuits are people who are so unable to control themselves that they do whatever wherever? I don`t know any Innuit, but this is the impression I get. This is just a woman with some personality disorder, why are you promoting this video as something that Innuits normally do?

    The chef above- really? Do you prepare meals for your customers in subway? give here address of the restaurant so that people know what to avoid

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it's great she had the bird,people forgot their grandparents had to the same. I could say more about vegetarianism but I'll be nice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don't see what the big deal is. I've seen things that are waaay worse in the NYC subway. You guys up there have nothing else to worry/complain about?

  5. Anonymous says:

    To the comment three post above me, you're really going to accuse this Inuit women of having a personality disorder because your grossed out by her preparing her own meal inside the subway? That's like saying that someone's mentally retarded simply because they prefer black and white movies made decades ago over today's movies. In all seriousness though, you need to stop being so self-centered as people do things that are FAR more gross in subways than simply plucking a dead bird.

  6. Anonymous says:

    One of my colleagues told me when she was younger, women used to prepare the veggies for supper in the subway in Paris - does that sound less gross, vegetarian ?

  7. pcd says:

    This is how our food is done people. How did you think it was done? Like plucking string beans from a vine. same thing.

  8. Redhand says:

    I don't think it's a question of where our food comes from or how it's prepared. It's a question of courtesy. We all move our bowels. It's natural. Still, would you do it in the middle of a subway car? Why not? (and never mind the wise cracks, you know what I mean) You wouldn't out of courtesy for others. Simple manners and being aware of other people.
    There's also the matter of hygiene and how sanitary and safe is it to dress fowl in such a public place? So, I think she was wrong to do it but I don't think she should be punished for it. Wrong time, wrong place but not even a sin. Certainly not a crime.

  9. Anonymous says:

    True it is not a sin!

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