Unafraid: Amazing photograph shows Goska Zdziechowska's incredible connection with wolves

Meet the woman who is like a real-life Dr Dolittle whose incredible bond with animals has seen her travel the world to volunteer with them.

Polish journalist Goska Zdziechowska has fed koalas eucalyptus, been kissed by wolves and even spent the night with cheetahs.

In just three years she has volunteered at wildlife sanctuaries in Australia and even South Africa - which she has returned to twice. She has spent around £3,500, paid for by her career in journalism, and is now on the front line helping wild animals under threat.

She said: 'I have been a journalist in Poland working for the past 11 years, and work as a producer in online media and TV now, before that I was a business editor. 'I have had this passion for animals all my life, we always used to have dogs and we rescued animals as a family.'My grandfather had animals like foxes and chickens and I was always playing with them.

'I have this something in me that I feel understands animals and they seem to understand me. (Source)


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