The amazing moment a fierce lioness rescues her little cub from falling into a moat

Stunning footage captured by a 10-year-old girl shows the incredible moment when lioness Kashifa rescued one of her cubs from falling into a moat at Zoo Miami.

Kashifa, who has five cubs in her pride, is seen in the video carefully going down a steep embankment and grabbing the 4-month-old cub by its back, slowly rescuing the little guy from harm's way.

Onlookers at Zoo Miami held a collective breath while mama lion brought her cub back up — and broke out in cheers when she rescued him.

Afterward, the rest of the pride welcomed the cub back with comforting licks, said 10-year-old Amanda Carmeli, who captured the footage, WPLG reported.

'The zoo is set up so the animals aren’t in cages,' spokesman Ron Magill told ABC News, pointing out that this isn't the first time one of the cubs has fallen into the moat.

'They’re out in open-moated exhibits so there’s no barrier to prevent them from going into the moat,' he added.

'It was always a concern of ours that the cubs may fall in the moat, so before they were let out in the exhibit they were each swim-tested.'
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  1. bmfilip2 says:

    That is so wonderful to see the lioness risk her life to save her cub. It just shows what love can do. Thank you for sharing this.

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