This was the moment compassion got the better of a crew filming a reality show in Canada after they stumbled across a moose calf that had become trapped in a barbed wire fence.

The crying creature, clearly distressed, was tangled in the sharp metal fencing which tightened around its neck the more that it panicked.

Approaching the animal with caution, not only for their own safety but to minimise additional stress for the moose, the crew of Let's Go Outdoors stepped in to help.

With the threat of the calf's mother returning to her trapped offspring being a real danger, rescuers were forced to fire a gunshot in the air to scare her and other animals off.

An animal welfare officer then carefully untangled the animal from the wire fence.

It is unclear how long the moose had been trapped for, but it seemed uninjured when it stumbled to its feet and wobbled off to find its mother.


Responses to "Moose Calf Rescued From Barbed Wire Fence (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is another audio radio (?) ruining this video. Thank goodness for this officer, and it's shameful that ranchers can leave fenchlines down left like with no repercussions in Alberta.

  2. eagleeye says:

    Why you got to be a bullshit artist? There's nothing around that animals neck

  3. dynah says:

    It was his leg that was tangled. Kudos for the rescue, think he may still be on the wrong side of the fence then mom is tho.

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