Moose Turns Sprinkler Into His Own Personal Water Fountain

The Mitchell family spotted this parched animal near Utah's Bear Lake earlier this summer and decided -- wisely -- to capture the scene from afar.

In the video, published by Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources last week, the young bull moose quickly makes himself at home, claiming the sprinkler intended for the family's lawn as his own personal water fountain.

Moose are notoriously territorial, and as is demonstrated here, can be unafraid of humans. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department recommends no one ever approach a moose, "no matter how tolerant they appear."(Source)

Moose are big. An adult moose, averaging 1,000 pounds and standing 6 feet at the shoulder, is the largest land mammal in New Hampshire. Moose have keen senses of smell and hearing, but they're also near-sighted. Their front legs are longer than their hind legs, allowing them to jump over fallen trees, slash, and other debris.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    perhaps moose water troughs would be a good idea.

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