A stray dog was rescued from a busy Los Angeles highway after motorists worked together to capture the animal.

A group of motorists worked together to help save a loose pit bull running on an LA highway. The armada of cars worked together to keep other cars from hitting the panicked dog and tried to keep the dog on the side of the road. A news helicopter caught the dog's rescue on film.

After cars had managed to move the dog to the side of the road, Andie Valerio got out of her car and ran down the highway after the Pit Bull. "[I ran] just to save the dog, I didn’t want her to get hurt,” Valerio told NBC Los Angeles.

She said the dog was very sweet and temporarily took the Pit Bull home. An animal control officer later came and picked up the dog and took her to the Southeast Area Animal Control shelter in Downey, California.

The dog, who appears to have recently had puppies, is not microchipped and the purple collar she was wearing did not have any ID tags. But officials are hoping that the dog’s owner will come forward and pick her up. If they don't, the dog will be put up for adoption.


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