A newborn poodle puppy takes the most adorable nap ever, right in the palm of his owner's hand. Now that's a precious moment that will warm your heart!

Why Are Dogs Vocal During Their Sleep?

Scientists have found that, just like people, dogs actually dream while they sleep. Not all animals dream, but dogs are definitely one of those which do. Scientists discovered that when asleep, dogs have nearly the exact same brain waves as sleeping people do, with the same areas of the brain lighting up. This explains why dogs are vocal while they sleep. Like humans, they are simply expressing some small outward reaction to the dream their mind has thought up for them.

Why Do Dogs Dream?

So why do dogs dream? No one is entirely sure, but there are a lot of theories. Perhaps dreams allow dogs to commit new things to memory, process old memories, or help them deal with intense emotions. Nightmares could quite possibly be the reincarnation of fearful moments, or intense fears which have – for some reason- ingrained themselves into the dog's psyche. These are the very same reasons why scientists theorize humans dream, but in reality, no one really has a solid answer.

Source: Puppy dreaming in the palm of owner's hand by bia1989 on Rumble

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    made a tuff day better to see him so peaceful.

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    So sweet <3 !!!!

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