Bull Terrier Shiva the Dog Loves Baby Chicks

This woman in Texas video film her baby chicks at ease with a neighbor’s bull Terrier named Shiva. To say the chicks are at ease is an understatement. The bull terrier is sprawled out on its back on the deck. With its paws outstretched, seven baby chicks are congregated on the dog’s abdomen chirping away pleasantly. It’s quite the sight to see because chicks wouldn’t be expected to be so comfortable around dogs.

At one point, Shiva turns back over as it lays on the deck. The chicks are gathered around its front paws and adoringly interact with it even touching their beaks against its muzzle.

The love and attention they offer Shiva is a bit smothering and one by one the dog gentle nudges each of the chicks away so as to get the space to presumably rest its head.

That doesn’t happen though because the chicks keep coming back. They expect to congregate about Shiva much as they would with their mother hen if they had been raised by one. Well, point in fact, they see dogs as their mother hen. Eventually, Shiva does manage to rest his head, but only for an instant as one of the chicks promptly makes it way to it its head once more. It’s an adorable video of two uniquely different species at peace with one another.
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