Largest Full Moon of the Year Rises

The largest full moon of 2014 rises tonight (Aug. 10), and even if you don't have a clear view of the sky, you can still catch the cosmic action live online.

August's full moon, a so-called "supermoon," rises when the natural satellite is at perigee — the closest point to Earth in its orbit. It is the second of three supermoons this summer, according to NASA

The online Slooh Community Observatory will offer a free live broadcast of the supermoon full moon tonight 7:30 p.m. EDT (2330 GMT). You can also watch the August supermoon webcast live on on, courtesy of Slooh.

While both July and September also play host to perigee full moons, this month's supermoon is the bigger and better than the others this year, according to one NASA scientist.

Sunday's full moon will be 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than the smallest full moon of the year.


One of the best times to see the supermoon is just after sunset tonight. "If you have a clear horizon, get out and check it out," Petro added. "It should be a great show. Of course, any time of night when the moon is high in the sky is a great time as well."

August Full Moon Names From Native American and Other Different Cultures 

Joyful Moon (Hopi). First Acorns (Pomo). Ripen moon (Dakota). Dispute Moon (Celtic). Cutter Moon (Abernaki). Dog Days moon (Yuchi). Corn Silk Moon (Ponca). Harvest Moon (Chinese). Berry Moon (Anishnaabe). Women's Moon (Choctaw). Mulberries Moon (Natchez). Middle moon (Potawatomi). Freshness Moon (Mohawk). Yelow flower moon (Osage). Blackberry Moon (Wishram). Acorns Ripen Moon (Maidu). Wheat Cut Moon (San Juan). Black Cherries Moon (Sioux). Yellow Leaves moon (Kiowa). Edible Corn Moon (Agonquin). Young Ducks Fly Moon (Cree). Black Cherries Moon (Assiniboine). Dog Day's Moon (Colonial American). Autumn Moon (Taos Native American). Corn Moon, Wort Moon (Medieval English). Geese Shedding Feathers Moon (Arapaho). Feather Shedding Moon (Passamaquoddy). Dispute Moon (Full Janic), Harvest Moon (Dark Janic). Big Harvest moon, Heat Moon, Big Rippening Moon (Creek). Fruit Moon, Drying Moon, Last Fruit Moon, Grain Moon (Cherokee). Red Moon,Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Dog Days Moon (Algonquin).

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