Amazing footage of brave blonde showing wild cheetahs just who's the boss.

 You're riding your dirt bike through the scrub in Namibia and you spot a coalition of wild cheetah lounging under an acacia tree.

Do you a) keep riding or b) saunter over for a closer look?

For Marlice Van Vuuren it's a no-brainer. You jump off your bike and show those pesky cheetahs who's the boss.

Marlice runs the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia and is wise in the ways of wild animals.

"I'm doing this to show how cowardly they are," joked Marlice in the video. "As soon as you turn your back on them, they attack ... As soon as you look them in the eyes, they're afraid of you ... If you run, you're prey. But, if you turn around, they stop."

We'll take your word for it, Marlice.

Marlice Van Vuuren has been raised around wild animals her entire life and works at a wildlife sanctuary in Africa – in other words – folks, don’t try this at home! It’s a confrontation of gutsy gal vs. coiled cheetah power waiting to pounce. No green screen or special effects, just wo-man vs. nature in the raw. You can call her the Cheetah Whisperer, Wonder Woman or maybe the craziest cat lady you’ve ever seen!


Responses to "The Cheetah Whisperer: Woman Confronts Big Cats in the Wild (VIDEO)"

  1. Unknown says:

    WoW!!! Awesome!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    absolultly amazing to have that courage but they might pick up her energy and know she would not harm them animals have the most tuned in knowledge thank you for sharing thsi wondeful video
    Val Bounds from Perth Australia

  3. Unknown says:

    So? What's the point?
    The wild is the wild, the human is useless

  4. Anonymous says:

    And the point of this excercise was..? I'd like to see her do this with a pride of lions...

  5. Anonymous says:

    You mean like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvi1-yWMhkg

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