Dramatic Cat Notices Himself in the Mirror

Everybody has a checking-themselves-out-in-a-mirror face. But in this video from Youtube user ignoramusky, this cat's reaction to its own reflection is weird and one of a kind.

Do cats know it’s “them” when they look in the mirror?

Yes and no. It really depends on the cat.

Self awareness is considered an advanced intellectual skill that is only possible with developed frontal lobes. Like we have. And, like cats have.

If our cat thinks their reflection is another cat, they are going to react to it as though it was another cat. Whether arching their back or extending their nose in friendship, our cat is acting as though there is another cat there. Yet this response is usually tempered by the puzzling feedback they get from this other cat who is mimicking their moves, yet is not registering on their other senses.

How our cat resolves this puzzle depends on their age, experience, and intellectual capacity. Kittens always want to play, and so do their reflections. Yet they soon discover this mirror kitten will not give any actual feedback. (Source)


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