Congratulations April Yazza – New Miss Native American USA

 Nineteen-year-old April Yazza wants to spend the next 12 months encouraging Native women to take care of their joints.

Yazza, who was named Miss Native American USA on August 1, said she grew up watching women sew, cook and clean. When she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis seven months ago, Yazza decided more people needed to know about the disease.

“As Native people, sometimes we use our hands a lot,” she said. “In many Native households, women are very hands-on with cooking and sewing. So things like carpal tunnel or arthritis, those are probably present.”

Yazza, who is Navajo and Zuni, competed against eight other young women during the third annual Miss Native American USA pageant, held in Tempe, Arizona. She demonstrated traditional knowledge and contemporary skills in front of an audience of about 300 people.

That combination was exactly what judges were looking for, said Tashina Atine, director and founder of Miss Native American USA. Contestants participated in four categories: backstage interview, evening wear, traditional or contemporary talent, and impromptu question on-stage while dressed in traditional wear.

Yazza, the youngest contestant yet to earn the Miss Native American USA title, had the personality and confidence of a leader in Indian country, Atine said.


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