Hope for Paws received a call about a dog someone had abandoned 11 months ago, and was living under a dumpster.

This poor dog was so frightened of people, it would hide in terror anytime anyone would approach it. Someone had been leaving food and water out for the dog, but no matter what, could not get the dog to come out.

Using their food and soft touch, they finally convinced him to come out, and he is now in the good hands of the patient and loving people of Hope for Paws.(Source)

After a nice warm bath, cowboy’s sweet personality started to shine through.

Sadly, thousands of dogs are abandoned by their owners every year for various reasons. It is a criminal offense to purposefully fail to provide a dog’s essential needs by abandoning it.

The number of pets being abandoned has risen by 65 per cent as owners struggle to afford to look after them, the RSPCA said.

Despite the recession being over, animals are still facing ‘dark times’ as 40,595 animals were abandoned in 2011 compared to 24,638 in 2007.


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