The baby wallaby was blood-soaked and shivering near the body of its mother, hit by a car. The man, Fraser, rushed home to get a blanket to wrap up the traumatized animal.

A quick-thinking man has saved the life of a baby wallaby he found on the side of the road after wrapping it up inside a washing basket.

The hero passer-by, called Fraser, from Forestville, on Sydney's Northern Beaches, rode past the lifeless body of an adult female wallaby while on his regular Saturday morning ride on the 14th September. The animal had been struck dead by a motor vehicle.

On his way back, Fraser found a blood soaked joey which had made its way across the road. The animal was shaking where it lay in the gutter.

Quick thinking Fraser raced home, grabbed a washing basket and wrapped the joey up in a blanket, before calling Wildlife Information Rescue and Care (WIRES) for assistance.

Now Fraser is eating and healthy. Robyn said he is barely recognisable from when she first saw him.

'He will stay with me for another few months until they find somewhere bigger for him. He will be at that residence for a few months and when he is big enough he will be released into the wild.


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