These adorable baby raccoons are just six days old -- and because the animals are born blind and deaf, they need help with absolutely everything.

The little orphans are being cared for by staff members at WildCare, a rescue and rehab organization in San Rafael, Calif.

Baby raccoons are so helpless they can't even pee by themselves. Wildlife workers actually have to help (and yes, you can see that in the video, too).

"These babies will live in an easily-transportable carrier for the next couple of weeks," the organization wrote. "But as they grow and their eyes and ears open (baby raccoons, like many baby mammals, are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut), these curious animals will need space to play, explore and learn the ropes as raccoons."

They'll first learn to play in a pen, and then be placed into a pre-release cage. After about four months of foster care and rehabilitation, the young raccoons will be released into the wild.

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