Wombats are notoriously feisty creatures – you best run away fast if you encounter one in the wild, for they’re known to charge humans who come too close.

But Douglas? Douglas might be the cuddliest wombat in the history of wombats.

Photographer Andreas Jakwerth got to know Douglas during a 2-week stint at a school camp in Victoria’s Tallangatta Valley. Douglas had been orphaned as a baby, and was being cared for by a family at the camp.

Douglas “wouldn’t leave our side,” Jakwerth explains on his website (on which he shares a collection of fabulous photos of his time with the wombat). “Always begging (and biting) for more hugs and belly-rubs.”

This video of Douglas and Jakwerth sharing an intimate moment is divine.

You can admire more of Andreas Jackwerth’s photographs of Douglas at his website, Douglas and I: A Love Story.


VIDEO Douglas and Me: A love story

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    Such a sweet, adorable creature : ) ( = the Wombat; the guy's cute, too ; )

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