Video: Pug And Coyote Become Friends, Meet Up For Playdates

 Harvey has a bestie at the Gilbert riparian preserve. Marcus named him Gilbert the coyote. Almost every time they go these 2 play and play hard.

It is really amazing that this even happens. Gilbert is young for one and there are massive amounts of rabbits birds cats etc in this preserve so he isn't starving.

He seems to just relish the time he spends with Harvey and is now coming closer to Marcus. At first it was scary but watching these two play makes you smile.

They even played in the lake together tonight. Just goes to show you can make friends with the most unlikely of candidates.

While the apparent friendship is certainly cute, it’s not likely to endure, says Lynda Lambert of the Arizona Department of Fish and Game.
Story by Dave Eggers

Responses to " Harvey The Pug and Gilbert The Coyote Play Together (VIDEO)"

  1. Unknown says:

    Not a good idea, as cute as it seems, allowing a pet to go face to face with a wild animal ( even in play) can later become a tragedy as Coyotes will eat Dogs that small!

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