Walter's human strapped a GoPro camera to his back to get a dog's eye view of his run to the beach from his home in Siracusa, Sicily, Italy.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a dog? Playing fetch, rolling around in mud, sniffing other dogs’ bums…

Well, if some of those things appeal then wonder no more, as this 35-second clip created by strapping a GoPro camera to a dog will give you a brief insight into what life on four legs is really like.

Walter the dog apparently loves swimming, and as soon as his owners let him off the lead he bolts down to the beach and hurls himself straight into the waters on the island of Sicily in Italy.

The amazing footage shows the Labrador leap over walls, duck under hedges and scramble across rocks at top speed with ease, before showing no fear as he dives into the sea without even testing the water first. What a machine.

And even if none of that is your cup of tea, don’t you at least wish your ears flapped like that when you ran?

Here's the opposite perspective:

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