The four creatures - one feathered, three furry - were beasts seldom seen together but they seemed to get along nonetheless.

The group - comprising a curious fox, a bald eagle and two domestic cats - were captured on camera by a woman who spotted them sheltering from the snow together.

Calling herself pla1554alaska on YouTube, the lady gives a running commentary as she moves outside to film the animals.

"I usually put my cats in the house when I leave home but it was such a beautiful day the cats did not want to come in the house and I was only going to be gone a few minutes so I left.them out. This is what I found when I came back! A scruffy fox, 3 eagles and my 3 cats all hanging out!"

Amazingly, the bald eagle in question is sitting on a fence post less than a metre away - and is completely unspooked by the presence of a human.

Though the sight would surprise most, the film-maker takes it in her stride, writing on YouTube. 'Our fox and eagles and cats basically get along just fine here.'


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