Husky Puppies Engage In An Epic Tug-O-War Saga

The battle commences, of course, when one lone fluff-ball decides that he should claim the rope as his own. Such a bold move, however, attracts the attentions of his siblings ... and thus ensues an all-out puppy brawl.

Of course, mugging for the camera during puppy battles is always vastly necessary. Regardless of how much epic action is going on behind you.

Things take a dastardly turn for the worse when a miscalculation with a water bowl results in a soggy rope.

Though none were independently victorious in the puppy battle, each stood his ground and tugged the rope to the best of his ability. Legend has it that they are still there ... pulling the suspended rope back and forth between them.

... okay so that might be a tall tale, but wouldn't it be the most adorable saga ever told? Probably.

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