These stunning images show the carnivorous beast frolicking about with a tiny fawn - who can't quite believe its luck.

 The baby deer might have been saved by maternal instinct - as the tiger was pregnant, and showed absolutely no interest in turning it into a tasty meal.

The photos show the two unlikely friends running together for around half an hour through the trees and long grass in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, central India.

They were taken by amateur photographer Pawan Menon, 46, from Kerala, who is a call centre worker by trade, but was lucky enough to stumble across this rare event while on safari.

'It was early morning when I was roaming with a friend in the jungle scouting for tigers. Suddenly I noticed one. At first, I thought she was playing alone but then I spotted the tiny fawn by her side,' he said.

'It was the most astonishing thing to see. I felt my heart beating fast as I was certain it was the end for the fawn. But the tiger sat calmly and played with the baby.'

'It was unbelievable. I'm sure the fawn couldn't believe he was still alive as he ran off! But the fascinating episode restored my belief - wild animals only kill when they're hungry.'

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    Awesome!!! Thanks!!!

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    very nice...thank you. And I believe, that animals kills only for food. They're amazing!!!

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    Wow, that is amazing...thank you for sharing this.

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    What a special day for you, and all of us to see behind the scenes in life.

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