"With one man's culture nearly gone, what he does next can save Nations."

The health of the environment is important to every Native culture. With efforts by Indigenous peoples throughout North America to bring awareness to the damage extensive oil mining brings to the earth, this short film explores the side effects and takes an imaginative peek at our future in a world where oil is everything.

This film observes issues that are very contemporary to today’s Native American communities, issues involving the lost of culture and language, the struggle of land rights and treaty rights, the movement to protect and preserve heritage.

It places these issues into a dramatic and surreal world where we can look at them from a new perspective. This film also deals with universal themes and elements that a diverse audience can identify with and relate to. It’s a unique narrative that explores our humanity and the choices that define our destiny.

Based out of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Indigene was co-founded in April by Willi White, Oglala Lakota, and Angel White Eyes, Oglala Lakota and Ojibwa. Both graduated from Red Cloud Indian School in 2008 and then from college—White from Creighton University and White Eyes from Oglala Lakota College—in 2013 with arts degrees. Since high school, they have dreamed of being able to provide a platform for Natives to tell their own stories using film, theater and photography.

VIDEO The People - Short Film - Trailer 1

The People - Short Film - Trailer 1 from Indigene Entertainment on Vimeo.

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  1. I really want to see this film. Our history books really tell nothing of what Native Americans went through. Mainly we were spoon-fed sweet stories about Thanksgiving and Pocahontas and of course ...some of the renegade Indians!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks really powerful. Where can I see it?

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