They are the most versatile rock stars of the animal kingdom.

New Guinea singing dogs rock out with a variety of distinct vocalizations that sound like a remix of wolf howls and whale songs, with bird-like chirps thrown in, too. According to the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society (the foremost organization in protecting the breed), each "singer" has their own unique voice, and multiple dogs have been known to harmonize together in their daily morning and evening concerts.

They live in a crazy inaccessible rain forest.

The New Guinea singing dog has only been photographed in the wild twice — and for good reason! Singers live in the seldom-explored rain forests of the island nation of Papua New Guinea and make their homes in the Star Mountain range at elevations of 4,000 to nearly 10,000 feet above sea level.

Originally designated a subspecies of dingo in 1957, New Guinea singing dogs' current status as a breed excludes them from the efforts of most traditional conservation organizations. Commonly viewed as domesticated dogs gone feral, little research has been done on these elusive animals, and their population numbers are entirely unknown.(Source)


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