Adorable video shows deer running across famed San Francisco bridge. Traffic comes to a standstill.

Traffic came to a dead stop Friday evening on the famous Golden Gate Bridge so two deer could hightail it toward the hills of Marin County.

Motorists whipped out their cell phones to take photos and videos of the four-legged couple hustling up the northbound lanes toward Sausalito.

“They pretty much created their own traffic break,” said California Highway Patrol spokesman Andrew Barclay, according to KTVU-TV.

The deer ran unheeded on the open span as vehicles on their heels moved at a crawl during the rush hour commute.

The wondrous sight of two deer high-tailing it up the northbound lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge brought traffic to a stop as motorists whipped out their cell phones to record the four-legged commuters.
“That could be what saved the deer from getting hurt,” Barclay said. “If it was lighter traffic, the cars would have been moving faster.”

The hooved hoofers were last seen headed in the direction of Sausalito.


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    They're just leading the pack!

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