Submissions continue to roll in for National Geographic's  Photo Contest, and we've been wowed by the spectacular wildlife photography entered so far.

Almost 5,000 photos have been submitted in the three categories of people, places and nature.

 Last year there were more than 7,000 entries from 150 countries. And if the photos we've seen are any indication, the judges this year are going to face a tough decision.

To submit your own photos, go to National Geographic's photo contest website. You can also see more entries by browsing the Nat Geo editors' top picks every week.

Photo and caption by Joanna Szczepanska “Your presence has been noticed” seems to say that gray wolf look. This couple of wolves was "chilling out" in the bushes, it was a very warm summer day up in the polar circle.

2- Juvenile Little Owls- Photo and caption by Prashant Meswani

3-Puma: Photo and caption by Serhat Demiroglu/National Geographic  Photo Contest

4- Soaring Eagle Photo and caption by Ava PITTS

5-Leopard - Photo and caption by Rob Bates

6- Waving Bear Photo and caption by Daniel Dietrich

7- Coyote: Photo and caption by Karen West

8- Snowy Owl Photo and caption by David Dillhoff/National Geographic Photo Contest

9- Photo and caption by Jonathan Huyer/National Geographic  Photo Contest A newborn polar bear cub explores its magical new world, while keeping close to Mom.

10- Arctic Fox Photo and caption by John Rollins

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  1. pilvikki says:

    these are so beautiful...

    but is the last beauty a wolf or a fox?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe & it looks like a Fox to me

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